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Q: What is Right Here Right Now money?

A: Right Here Right Now money is an amount of money collected every Sunday to radically change the lives of the people in the community around us. Every Sunday we ask people to give just $1 per person, per family on top of their regular tithe. $1 is somewhat irrelevant, but the weekly 135 one-dollar bills could radically change someone’s life. That’s the purpose of the Right Here Right Now money; to allow others in our community to know that there is a group of people who love them and that Jesus loves them.

Q: Where do I give my Right Here Right Now money?

A: When offering is collected just simply put your $1 in the offering bag that is passed. If you have monetary denominations that are larger than a dollar that you would like to designate for Right Here Right Now, you can simply clip a note to it saying “Right Here Right Now.” You can also write checks to “Crossroads Christian Church” and designate in the memo line, “Right Here Right Now.” Another place you could give for this ministry is online at When you’ve gotten to the home web page just click on “about us” and then on “online giving” and designate your gift to Right Here Right Now.

Q: Where does the Right Here Right Now money go?

A: Right Here Right Now money goes directly from you, to be counted and assessed, and then it is distributed to the needs in our community.

Q: How do we find out about needs in our community?

A: We are made aware of the needs in our community from you filling out a Right Here Right Now request form.

Q: What are the Right Here Right Now request forms?

A: When a need is present in the life of a neighbor, co-worker, friend, or relative we would like for you to fill out a Right Here Right Now Request form. Those forms can be obtained from the church office or from any deacon or elder. You can turn those request forms in at the church office or to any deacon or elder.

Q: If I fill out a request form what happens?

A: As we receive the requests we put them in a database allowing a committee to see who has a need, what the need is, and who submitted the request form making us aware of the need. When that request form is received you will receive an email letting you know that we’ve gotten your request and are looking it over.

Q: If my request is selected what happens?

A: If you’re request is selected we will enable you to deliver to the co-worker, family, or friend that is in need. We will contact you about when and how to get the need to you so that you can deliver that to the person in need. If it is finances then we will write a check to the person in need, but give the check to you to deliver. We desire this to be an opportunity for you to allow the people in your life with needs to know that Jesus loves them. For a minister they’ve never met to take a check to them wouldn’t hold the same representation as a friend they do life with.

Q: What does it mean to follow up?

A: We would love for you to let us know how the delivering of the need went. It is such an edifying thing for the church to know the stories of healing and grace that are offered through the opportunities of the Holy Spirit and His leading.